Today’s Encouragement

At times it’s hard for us to believe in God’s love for us when difficulties come into our lives, but we know now that all of those abnormal things are not the product of God’s love, they come from the adversary the devil seeking to remove our focus off of just how much God loves us.

matthew 311.15

The Holy Spirit ministered this to me….
“My son, there is a lack of “intimate communion” with the Almighty, the Life-Giver, the All Powerful One…AMEN!!! There must be a return to “desired fellowship” and to “spiritual intimacy”; if so, then My healing and deliverance power will be “FREE FLOWING AGAIN” upon and through whosoever!!! says the LORD GOD!
When my children seek the time in private communion with Me through “SINCERE PRAYER” “I” the “I AM” shall restore My power to My “CHURCH” “MY LIVING BODY” the “LIVELY ONES” to its ultimate measure…says ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH!!!”
Amen and Hallelujah…begin to praise His Holy Name Church!!!

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