Desire The Fire Ministries

“Reaching those around the globe for JESUS”
Our support through G.O.P. “GLOBAL OPERATIONS PROJECT”  here is to impart the truths of God’s Word and also accomplish the basic needs for others around the world!

It’s our desire to help those around the globe; we presently are supporting others here in the States, Turkey, Mexico, Kenya and Uganda, Africa.


Welcome to Smyrna. We’re planting churches where Christ is not known. We are “The Ballard Family”  and also known as the Smyrna Support Team. We will be living in the city of Izmir, Turkey, which is what we know in the New Testament as Smyrna. Team Smyrna friends and partners thank you so very much for your prayers and support! We truly could not do this without you!!


DTFM has a great passion for the souls that we help support in Mexicali, Mexico. In partnership with “Vine of the Desert” Church and ministry in Indio CA. We are helping to take food, clothing and toys for the kids, we’re building two Churches.


Our Good friends Bishop/Pastors Joseph and Rose Otanga live in and are working the Kingdom of God in their hometown Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. This is our “Ministry Support Drive” and if you have a desire to help us, just get in touch with me and we will add you to the MINISTRY PARTNER LIST God will greatly bless you for your support!


I’m pastor Emmanuel Kabambi and the work of the Lord is going on. I am opening churches and serving over 600 children in this country Uganda. I have 2 ministries: Oasis Worship Center, that is the church under PAGA and Shaona Africa operating a school of orphans. I am the senior pastor of the church and we have branches now and at school I am the Executive Director. I am the founder of this work. My wife is called IMELDA Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.


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